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  1. Enjoy self powered two wheel objects more these days, so time to sell. Just under 13,000 miles. Will throw in any apparel that may fit as well. Jacket, gloves, hardly used boots, track suit... may have more around. $5500 obo
  2. Thanks, you had a good day out too! My goal was 3:30, missed it by about 10 mins. Kinda bummed about that, but all in all my fitness is the best it's ever been and only improving! I'm off to a coaching seminar at the end of this month to get my Level 2 cert and ride some more gravel in PA. Should be fun! As for the rest of the season, doing some bikepacking this month, a road race here and there, and VK Grassroots series, and another gravel race just to be race ready for cross season!
  3. Black Fork in May, Medina TT in July and a full season of CX this fall, debating 3/4 and SS classes. Trek CX race in Sept, Kings CX in Cinnci in Oct, and State CX in Nov are priority races. May add in some MTB over the summer, but just training and prepping for CX.
  4. Get a rad bike for racing this season! Upgraded my bike for this year, selling a 2018 Trek Crocket in size 56. Comes with SRAM Force 1 and wheels set up tubeless. Front wheel is paradigm comp, rear wheel is paradigm elite with dt swiss hub. Wheels currently have brand new bontrager R3 hard case lite road tires. Choose your own CX tubeless tire and be race ready! Should fit rider 5’8”-5’11”. At a little over 5’11”, bike felt a lil small to me... $1750 OBO
  5. Been drooling over it for a while and finally saw one in person the other weekend and bikepacking.com published a good review on it shortly after. It seemed like fate! I had almost got one a few times over the past few months, but they kept going out of stock before I could get it ordered. They came back in stock, so I snagged one before they are gone again. Pics really don't do it justice! I will be heading to Royalview on it tomorrow to see how 29+ does in the snow vs my past experiences on a fat bike, I'm sure it will be fine. Plan to do some over night trips on the towpath over summer with a few longer trips in the works too, can't wait! I should be at Royalview around noon if anyone cares to meet up to ride and see it in person.
  6. The new ADDition. Looking forward to some bikepacking trips this summer!
  7. Cool it now! Definitely got ADDition..
  8. Grabbed a Wahoo Kickr a few weeks ago. I've been using Trainerroad with Powertap pedals, but that Kickr really keeps the workouts honest! Love that it smooths out the power requirements for the workout with no shifting to find where to be. Leave it in ERG mode and keep cadence consistent.
  9. I figure these threads are done with motorcycles so why not do one with new bike purchases!
  10. I haven't been on the site for a while and this hurt to read. Even though I only met him once, he was sweeping on one of the few OR rides I've actually gone on. I was second to last. He offered solid advice, was super friendly, and encouraging. Great human being that I'm sure will be missed by many!
  11. 4/5 race is such a huge gap in skill set. From people like myself that just have a few races to people that are almost CAT 3 racers. It makes it hard to judge where you are in the race. I try to get to holeshot mid pack and go from there to pick people off and not get passed. Not always possible and I've been held up by others before too, all just part of it.
  12. At least you got to race. I didn't get to start due to torching my pawls on the rear hub during course preview, to much power! lol... I just got to run around and get footage of my friend racing. That course was fast and after pre-ride I was looking forward to racing it!
  13. Good report! Will be heading to Royalview Thurs around 4:30 and be at CX race Sunday, see ya at either one!
  14. So the misses hasn't really taken to riding the trails as much as she thought and is debating selling her MTB. Has only been on trails less than 10 times. Thought I would put it out here to see if any are interested, specs can be found here: https://www.trekbikes.com/international/en_IN_TL/bikes/mountain-bikes/cross-country-mountain-bikes/superfly/superfly-6-womens/p/2058603-2017/ Size is 13.5 with 27.5 wheels and should fit male or female rider 4'10"-5'-1 Bike is super RAD!
  15. Im pretty sure we climbed the hill together on the last few laps! Heard a guy on a fatbike state how he regretted riding the sand before climbing, was that you?
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