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  1. Didn't have to work today so I went riding 😁
  2. Got out for 367 miles it was a little chilly but still a fun day
  3. Replaced the chain and sprockets,mounted the bmw auxiliary lights and found a mount to mount my garmin zumo xt to the bmw mount
  4. 385 miles of fun im very good at finding a place to piss 😁
  5. It was nice to see Nivin again along with his friend from Florida sorry I forgot his name and I can't forget Jim It was a fun 373 miles
  6. I'll wait till 9:15 then I'm leaving
  7. I'm at the fuelmart in New Concord
  8. What is a most im not very bright
  9. I'll be there at 8:30ish unless I hear different
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