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  1. Between Lamborghini and Ferrari, I'd pick Ferrari. To me, that's more of a car for the experience, where as a Huracan is more about shouting at pedestrians, traffic violations and trying to get people to buy into your day trading "school" scam. Between McLaren and Ferrari? Either way, sounds like a good time
  2. Pictures? I am very interested in this! Cheers!
  3. I like some good ol' contact cleaner. A spray of that, and a gentle blast of air to push out any big chunks, and let it dry for a few. CRC is pretty solid stuff. If you're feeling fancy, I've used a lot of Wurth Contact Cleaner Oil, but that's a little bit harder to find
  4. No, not really. I was looking up north from Charleston, and there seems to be a lot of very nice riding roads. Plus, I've never been there myself. Is it a shit hole?
  5. Never too late to join the Viffer cult... One of us... One of us.... GLWS
  6. Hey everybody. Thinking of taking my old man on a couple of day trip out to Charleston. Two days out and back, and one in-between to ride some of the roads up north. I am thinking of a route something like this. This will be my first real trip, and my dads a bit of an old fart so I don't want to push it too hard. Any thoughts or suggestions? Any good food in Charleston? Thanks, Paddy
  7. Jesus fucking christ.... How come I have to find this thread when I'm on day 15 of a 30 day diet!!!! I HATE GRANOLA FOR BREAKFAST!!! GIMME SOME GODDAMN PIEEEEE!!!!
  8. Has anyone owned/rode a Aprilia Shiver 750? My lady is looking at a couple, and just wondering if anyone has any input/experience. Is there any reason why they seem to be so cheap? $3k-$5k for most examples. No too scared of any mechanical/electrical issues, I'm a competent wrench thrower. She's a taller girl, and won't have an issue with 100bhp either. Thanks!
  9. Wow, yeah. That's a tremendous amount of force. Crashes like this make me consider wearing an airbag vest. I wonder how @Pauly would have fared with one on.. Once again though, I'm happy you're alive and well (relatively), and were wearing the gear you were..
  10. @Pauly Ho-lyeee shit. I'm glad you and yours' aren't in worse shape... Here's to a quick recovery, mate Cheers!
  11. Hey everyone, Pauly pointed me to the seedy underbelly of Ohio Riders.. I am a relatively new rider, and I want to get myself on a track this year. I get all the basic requirements, but i have some questions about some things and this seems like the place to ask! What is a good set of leathers to start with? What is a reasonable amount to spend for decent protection? I don't have a trailer or a truck, how can I get my bike to the track? Have someone follow me in a car, then tape up all my bits at the track? What are the little things that you bring that really make your track days enjoyable, that most people wouldn't think about? What crash protection on the bike is a bare minimum? Thanks for taking a look, I'm really excited to learn some new skills, and push my self and my viffer a bit more than I do on the street.
  12. @mello dude I've seen you over at VFRW. Actually, you're kinda the reason I'm here hahah. I'm down to meet up! I'm patently waiting for parts to return from DMr and I'll be on road again. I'll poke my head in over at Track is crack and say hello. Thanks, @Pauly
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