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  1. Yeah my biggest disappointment in the wing was the apple CarPlay and the navigation. It could be so much better.
  2. 2nd set of led lights. First set didn’t last off-road riding very long. Hopefully these hold up better.
  3. This is why my dad sold his Harley. After getting the wing, he could never enjoy riding it, knowing the wing is better in every way.
  4. I just saw Joel’s post on FB, is the guy riding the guzzi okay?
  5. Great to see everyone today. I found some nice gravel riding around AEP land. Got a bucket photo as well…
  6. @2talltim has been sick last couple days... Talked to him this morning and sounded like he ain't gonna make it this weekend. I plan on coming tomorrow.
  7. JustinNck1


    It definitely progressed worse and worse over its last few years in Cleveland. AIMExpo was nice though…
  8. I plan on at least coming to the meetup. Not sure if I’ll ride the route though, might make a little dual sport ride instead.
  9. I installed some fog lights on the KLR, bike had relay wiring already ram from the factory, just added a switch and wires to the lights. This is my first time running yellow lights and so far I really like them. Took it out today and got a 75 mile off-road ride before work.
  10. My temp tags finally expired (WV 90 day tags FTW) so I went to the BMV today. $72 for until June 2023. Ohio is getting out of hand…
  11. Installed a harbor freight Apache box on the KLR last night. Got it on sale for $29. Overall I’m very happy with it.
  12. Looks familiar 😂, dad installed one on his wing this week too.
  13. I got my Dirtracks crash guards installed as well as my Nelson Rigg Tail bag bolted down.
  14. Not my bike but bike related. Got covid quarantined after my cruise so I cleaned out my garage upstairs and downstairs. Now I got some room to work, probably a bike lift table is coming in the near future. Also dug through my pile of stickers and fancied up my garage fridge.
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