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Betty White The Restomod SGT


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She made it back from Carlisle without any issues....other than the ac freezing up on the highway and blowing fog when it started raining 😂 think it's still just slightly low



Only issue on the way there Thursday morning was the cheapest reman alternator they had at O'Reilly's decided it couldn't do anymore than 12v with nothing but the radio on, so I threw in a NEW duralast gold Friday evening in the hotel parking lot, now holds 14v with EVERYTHING on.

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Trying to work on cars and still have time on the weekend to do stuff sucks... thats why the leaking heater core has been temporarily bypassed.
But the tune has been fixed and it feels like it's running SIGNIFICANTLY better than before, though I screwed up and the original file from the yukon PCM got lost due to the flash drive I kept all my tunes on just....died. so it's stuck in MAF enhanced RTT. Not a big deal since I'm not planning on keep the gen 3 stuff much longer, Valley knock sensor are the bane of my existence.

But other than that I've not really had any motivation to do any work to it so have a picture I took at the park...


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Week off work has led me to finally tint the windows. 35% 3m ceramic... It's not great but idk not awful for my first time.. stuff is a lot less forgiving than 3m Scotchgard film 😅



Need to swap out the back glass, bronze for clear and tint it as well. Will probably switch to Llumar film since it's significantly cheaper for a 10' roll.


Other than that I got a broke ass sand blasting and powder coating setup in the garage so get ready for all the custom coated parts like this spare 0411 I used as a test piece


And I hauled off a 300lb load of scrap metal from my garage, and subsequently got to weigh the truck 3440 with half a tank of gas and me in it, she a lil piggy 🐖

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Out here looking extra smol next to an obs 3500 crew cab 🫠



Recently the belt has started to slip REAL bad when it's wet, definitely not enough wrap around the crank pulley (between like 5 and 7 maybe 8 ) with the AC bracket and I think the belt is slightly too long as well.


Getting real close to buying an SS so I can park this thing again and start repairing and upgrading

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