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1949 Chevy - The "Fun '49"

Otis Nice

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As you all know the "Fam '52" is complete and being enjoyed. Now it's time for our next project, the "Fun '49". Dad has two sons and therefore wanted two trucks to leave us someday (hopefully very far in the future). A few years ago or so I went with him to north of Flint, TSUN, and we hauled back a 1949 Chevy five window much like the one he had inherited from grandpa. The price was right, we had a truck and trailer, so we set off and sure enough struck a deal.


It's just sat outside mostly since we got it, was used for fam Christmas pics the first year we had it, then eventually got moved into the pole barn once room was made. Now it's almost time to get crackin' on it.


We have no sentimental value with this one. There is nothing linking it to a fire department, family farm, or military use. Essentially there is nothing holding us back from doing whatever we want to it.


Being retired for more than four years now mom and dad set off a bit ago and spent a week at a friends condo in FL and this weekend drove to my uncle's (Tim) (well, his cousin technically, but I've always just called him uncle. My second cousin thrice removed I guess? IDK.) place in Jacksonville who just got his Hemi back in his car after a year+ long rebuild.


HIS son (Brandon, my second third cousin quattro removed?) has this:




Which currently has this in it:




But he bought this for it:






Brandon wants dad and Tim to pull the 350 and drop in the 383 and for payment he's giving dad the 350. It'll need a rebuild but we've done it before so hopefully when he gets back (after this week and 2 more in TN) we'll fix a few minor things on "Ellie" that I bought off of Clay then hit the Fun '49 hard.


We're doing another complete frame off but this one won't be kept all orig. Doing modern suspension, brakes, power everything, lowering it slightly, bigger wheels and tires, better exhaust, A/C, more modern interior, etc, but the body will keep some of the patina and get clear coated. I want to leave the body as close to as it as currently as possible.


Anyway, I just wanted to go ahead and start the thread because he informed me tonight that we now have an engine when we didn't know which direction we were gonna go with it and I'm a bit excited. This one may be a forever work in progress getting modified, tweaked, etc. It's all about just having fun with it.


Here's a couple of pics dad snapped back when we first got it home. I'll try to take more during this build than I did the Fam '52.





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Cool cool. This one sounds like it'll be more my style of truck.


Def gonna be different than the '52. Not sure how far dad wants to take it as he just wants a, "fun, good handling, good sounding truck" and he doesn't like anything slammed but said he wants to lower this one a couple inches at least.


I'm def gonna be pushing him during the eng rebuild. :)

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stock, a '49 1/2 ton weighs about 3200-3300lbs. So to be "fun" doesn't need much, maybe 320hp, and about 350 ft/lbs of torque. Honestly if you can't get 320hp out of an old school chevy 350 I feel like you aren't really trying.


good luck man, should be a fun cool project.

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For sure, "fun" is gonna require more than a 200hp small block build ;-)


Possibly, but it's better than the ~95 horsepower it has stock and with the right trans and rear end it'll be fine. He's not trying to run 9's. Just wants more "oomph". Plus this thing doesn't weigh 7,000 lbs like todays trucks. :)



I'd be curious if you keep a budget - tracking the costs - of your builds?


Ya know, I don't think we really did on the '52. Maybe I'll try to keep a list on this one.



good luck man, should be a fun cool project.



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Ls swap it




It was discussed and who knows what will happen in the future, but for now the $free.fiddy tree fiddy is goin' in.


Talked to dad a little more today about it. Gotta get all the info but apparently it's been rebuilt in the past and may already have some aftermarket things done to it. Didn't have time to talk to him long though.

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The 350 has landed. So apparently this thing was built before. Aluminum heads, oil pan, cam, etc. Lot of new/upgraded goodies. Just needs rebuilt...again. A little bit of water was found inside apparently and dad found the threads in the block may be FUBAR. Seems like whoever built it before my cousin bought the car effed up putting the heads on. Gonna take our time, send it in for a crack test, and really look the block over. We both think it's solid but want to make sure.


Anyway, here's some quickly shot pics with my mobular phone. I would apologize for the quality but I'd be lying if I said I cared. :lol:













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:lol: Not my money on this one. We'll see what happens but with those Edelbrock goodies we're prob gonna just stay this course for now. Being that it's not going be original, though, who knows what will happen in the future.


I kinda want to get this one all cleaned up, put together properly, and see what she has. We're thinking 700r4 and undecided on a rear end/gears at this point. Def gonna go Mustang II front end. We know that much.


It starts.....




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You guys should start a YouTube Channel with these projects and start pulling in some cash. Very cool stuff that people would turn in to see. Way better than cat videos and mediocre looking chick fails.



Looking forward to the work.

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You guys should start a YouTube Channel with these projects and start pulling in some cash. Very cool stuff that people would turn in to see. Way better than cat videos and mediocre looking chick fails.



Looking forward to the work.


I've done some things like that with forging in the past. It's just a lot of work. I get the motivation for a bit then kinda don't want to. Maybe some day.

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Was just in CB reliving the gloryhole days with some OG peeps and went looking through pics of older vehicles but also came across this from the day we picker her up. Totally forgot about it. You can get a better idea of the body/patina...aka rust and stuff.



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A new position (:masturboy:)/promotion at work and baseball season for my oldest has had me insanely busy most days. At one of the games last week dad said, "that 350 wasn't rebuilt like the previous owner told Brandon it was. Not the bottom end anyway." Long story short we're glad we're tearing it totally apart.


As for the rest of the truck? I didn't even know dad had started it. He sent a text a little bit ago saying, "found this plate behind the fuel tank (which is behind the seat in the cab of these for those unaware) in the '49. I don't think some people would like it."




Dunno who would take it how but I then replied, "you're tearing into the '49 without me? Hope you're taking pics."


He just said, "Oops!"




I'll be out there tomorrow celebrating my bday with them a week late so I'll go see what all has happened this past week and get pics and updates.

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Missed getting pics while I was over for my bday last week but I got some today. Dad's been at work while I've been working. The banana yellow bench seat has been trashed and the fuel tank is gone. This is a far cry from the Fam '52 build already where we tried to keep everything as orig as possible.















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Pulled off the front end tonight. Also got to talk with dad more about the eng. We were told the PO before my cousin got the 'vette had rebuilt the engine. Well, they did...but poorly. Dad broke it all down and discovered a few things.


It's bored 30 over and the crankshaft was turned 10 under. Everything seems to be in decent shape. If the threads on the block are salvageable we're gonna full send it. As mentioned/shown before someone spent good money to have work done and bought pricey parts. We think they just didn't know how to put them together properly.


Sorry for the crappy pics. Bad lighting, it was hot, and TBH I wasn't taking the time to try to set up shots or anything.













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"I ain't TAKING nothing off of this truck. If a bolt doesn't come out right away it's getting cut." :lol:


Dad ain't playing games with this one or worrying about saving orig parts. He called me the other day and told me he was working on it last week.


Me: "Have you been taking pictures so I can document everything we do to it?"


Dad: "NOPE!"


Me: :lol: "Nice. Start taking some if ya can old man. If I can't post pics on the line did the work even get done? Where's the evidence?"


Dad: "The evidence is all around the pole barn. You can come see it. Eventually it will be evident that it's been done when we're driving it down the road."


Not sure what all else he's done since I've been there last but Kev and I got a text a couple days ago saying, "rear axle is separated from the springs. Need you boys to help get it out from underneath. Notice I sent pictures this time."


Here. Enjoy the 2 vertical pics dad sent. :lol:





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