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  1. I think is was the Vstrom seat that gave me prostate cancer. Is the seat better than the 1st gen?
  2. Every time you say "that's my next bike," I know that bike will never see the inside of your garage. What happened to the Victory or the Wing and 2 up with the misses?
  3. Nuts, why is this on a Friday in Lent. My wife is Catholic so it looks like I'll be dining on fish instead.
  4. Yes. F%#king the drake is a horrible mistake.
  5. After 10 years I will still occasionally reach for my glasses when I wake up in the morning or reach up to take off my glasses when getting into the shower. I wore glasses for 39 years and old habits die hard.
  6. I had the PRK procedure done 10 years ago. My vision is still fantastic. Lasik is a lot less painful and your vision is improved the minute you're off the table but PRK vision correction appears to last longer and can give you better night vision. Or at least that was the case in 2003.
  7. Just a little small for the Wing.
  8. Interesting, will it hold a Goldwing?
  9. My wife is as exited if not more excited than I am. I thought they were old retired couples bikes until I followed an 1800 through the twisties in Southern Ohio. They are fast and very capable on the curvy roads. Plus there is music, a place for my beer and my wife can massage my shoulders.
  10. Yesterday I sold this..... And Saturday I will be riding this...
  11. And he was able to say it with a straight face.......Mr. Pot meet Mr. Kettle.
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