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  1. FYI you can go back to your @Danimalaccount if you want. It's been unlocked for a while now.
  2. Cheers to a cool dude. RIP Brother.
  3. Thanks....she's a mean Mamba Jamba...for a old mans bike that is.. 😉
  4. Oh yeah did I failed to mention I bought a new bike.... 😆
  5. So I've been busy. Updated the Givi hard bags and top case. Installed some Brembo Italian goodness in the form of master cylinder and levers to go with the rest of the Brembo set up. Installed all the Trex crash protection. Knights Designs lowered foot pegs. Spec tech tank pads. Finished installing the braided brake lines the previous owner didn't get to. Still to come heated grips, vortex V3 gas cap and throttle lock
  6. The Connies are a young mans game. I get it. Good thing I'm never growing up.
  7. Yeah did I forget to mention that? Me @max power and @Dre found that out memorial weekend. By far the absolute worst tar snakes ive ever ridden on in my life. Three very seasoned riders and we all about bit the tarmac that day. Damn thing must have a 1/4" rise of the road surface.
  8. New one just opened in Richmond Kentucky
  9. Drove to the middle of that God forsaken state up north last night to pick up a new steed for the stable. 2007 Ninja EX650R this thing is gem. Only 4000 miles and all original right down the tires. Picked it up for my son that just got his motocycle endorsement via taking the BRC class. Got it for a song hence why I drove so far to get it. Spent the day going through it and removing a lowering kit they had on it. Only thing left is some fresh rubber but we'll roll the old ones for now.
  10. Yup that was them "old man Kent" as they referred to you as...lol
  11. Think I met him down there Saturday night.
  12. Please...change one on a Connie and compare. Only try if you have at least 2 hours of your time. A clue is, it's in the frame behind the steering neck.
  13. Got some proper meats on the dirty bike finally. Ditched those shit stock tires it came with. Now she actually looks like she can go places no man is supposed to go.
  14. Claimed this bridge as my own. None shall pass.
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