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  1. Thought so, I saw it last year. Looks like a great trip, and yummy looking grub too!!
  2. Which lighthouse is that??
  3. Agreed!! Did a small part of 95 going to the Outer Banks last year and it was AWFUL - it was dark and raining and everyone went 85 then slammed the brakes to 30mph, then repeat again and again… Have fun!!
  4. tall_tracy


    Thanks for the reminder, I need a new set for the Monster. Just ordered.
  5. Is it the plutonium version or the garbage consuming version??
  6. @Casper heck yeah you have a bunch more to do… So now there’ll be more than 6 people posting on here now?
  7. tall_tracy

    NEO Dinner

    Good to see everyone. Can’t wait for spring!!
  8. tall_tracy

    NEO Dinner

    I’ll be there
  9. tall_tracy

    NEO Dinner

    I’ll be there. Either day works for me.
  10. I’d like to get together for dinner. It would be great to see everyone and possibly attend the spring ride. 😁
  11. I thought I recognized that photo of Hawks Nest. I’ve been traveling out that way for years for Babes Ride Out. Beautiful area. We camp in Narrowsburg. Lots of great riding and plenty to see and do. I’m also a huge fan of NJ, I’ve also got friends there and love to visit.
  12. @99gsxr750king You spelled Squidward wrong... 🤷‍♀️
  13. Here's the picture I got from laying on the ground, then everyone copied me... 😂
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