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  1. There's a group in the AF reasearch lab that focuses on materials and another that focuses on semiconductors, both of which may be of interest to you. I wouldn't recommend going anywhere besides AFRL if you want to continue doing design/research. Ive got a lot of contacts at the lab, if youre interested shoot me a PM and i can get you intouch. If you ever want to branch out of Ohio I have friends/connections at Applied Materials and Tokyo Electron that may be right up your alley. As far as aerospace companies, your experience may be better off with ISR sensor manufacturers. Check out Ball Aerospace, exelis, united technologies, Integrity Applications Inc, Northrop, etc.
  2. I moved to Cali (palmdale area) after college and training for my first assignment. I was single, made just enough to get by and have some fun, and knew no one. I'm still pretty close with those friends I made out there. Put yourself in uncomfortable environments esp if its best for your development (economically and socially). Most of your family will still be in Ohio, friends inevitably move around, but this opportunity at this point in your life may not be here for long...pull the trigger and move. Too many ppl are just content with their lives without pushing themselves, if thats your cup of tea so be it....but that seems boring to me. You'll meet new ppl in Cali....there's a metric shit ton of them in that area...most Asian, some women, and many smoking hot. Hit up the Viet coffee shops on the bike...they'll love ya. Housing is expensive, gas is high, food is cheap, hookers are reasonably priced, blow for the cheap and you should never be bored while out there. Find a sane roommate and that definitely helps out.
  3. Depending on your model, you can select the audio and video source per receiver setting through the setup menu. I know on my onkyo (about 6 yrs old now) I can select the video source and audio sources separately for the PC/DVD/etc settings.
  4. Check with your local Starbucks. Normally on delivery days theres always stuff.
  5. Holy crap! I just caught on that the 636 is an 03. That's way overpriced in my mind. I paid 4200 for my 05 back in 09.
  6. I wouldn't even blink before picking the 636.
  7. I didnt have issues with the tranny until 24000 miles in....and that mainly began when i started riding track. Kawi tick isnt really a bad issue to be concerned with.
  8. Didnt you have yours for only a week or so :-p To specify, it can be a 2nd gear or just worn shift forks (but normally a combo of both). Despite that issue I wouldnt trade my 05 636 for anything. a gearing change to -1/+2 and the power/gearing is awesome. The only other issue is kawi tick, a really loud ticking from the right side under the tank. The auto CCT sometimes fails, so I had a manual APE CCT put in...adjusted and now its sings with a soft purr in idle.
  9. You're both way off the mark with your calcs. The force is considerable since the acceleration term is actually transient from impact to full stop, so it's not constant. The rider carries substantially more energy since he's carrying so much kinetic energy (ke=.5*mv^2). The rider comes to a full stop faster than the car.
  10. Putnam's a fucking blast and I am planning on being there with a few other folks. Need to get the bike buttoned up after last years crash.
  11. Almost all of the major brand name TVs are actually Korean or Japanese. Ironic considering you said no way you were going to get a Korean made car. ;-)
  12. The Lexus RX is far from a glorified Rav 4 or highlander. My mom had the hybrid which I had the pleasure of driving (FWD) great acceleration, easy on gas mileage, elegant ride, and the details in the interior are awesome. I honestly looked at them and chose to go with the Audi Q5 because I wanted all wheel drive vs FWD. If you really want a great value, check out the Acura MDX or RDX. Honda reliability by a lot more refined.
  13. http://www.bankerstoolbox.com/about-us/career-opportunities My friend works here and she loves it. Startup/small biz atmosphere, great benefits to include free lunch! Great city to boot. Let me know if you plan to apply.
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