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  1. Bad324


    The only good part of IMS after the first time I went in 2009 was the OR after party
  2. if it makes you feel better, I flew the day after they announced no more mask requirement, from FL to OH, on a Spirit flight no less and escaped it
  3. Put on wheels, tires and suspension bits to get it to have an actual truck look and stance
  4. I can't drive for shit but this would be fun as hell.
  5. this is my dream garage, just missing a '68. First time in 2+ years I've missed my Firehawk after seeing this photo
  6. All those years of me planning to lose weight and finally hit and surpassed a goal. Down 25lbs since last July and not a single workout was had
  7. Burnout tracks mean power? But for real I honestly don't know what the fuck i meant haha
  8. Hookers and Blow has been the longest most stable return of my money since coming across this website 14 years ago.
  9. I like it a lot. Simple and powerful
  10. After a 5 month ordeal, I installed my permanent plate. An insignificant think but my most satisfying install yet because it marked the end of dealing with the worst company I've ever done business with.
  11. SHIB ain't getting there with it's market cap where it is. I took my profits and dumped it in to legitimate projects. I still have enough that if it did ever hit .01 that it'd be worth a mil but I don't plan on it ever even getting to 1/10th of that.
  12. Congrats to Will Smith for making a snooze fest award show that nobody watches the talk of the week!
  13. and the stripes look pink, god damn instagram filter my wrap guy used for this pic I hope because it doesn't look purple or pink in person I need the lift and wheels on and some decent weather to get good non-filtered pics.
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