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  1. Very cool, see quite a few of those floating around so I am sure they will hold up well. Does that use Tech air or some other air bag?
  2. For some of those further away rounds if you want to try and ride share we can maybe figure something out.
  3. Anyone have the inside scoop on who is going to be running Nelsons days for them?
  4. Will miss their endurance races the most... and that family atmosphere. Wish them luck in whatever they plan on doing this summer and hopefully Nelson can get their own days together.
  5. Glad to hear the positive feedback, appreciate it.
  6. We try our best to catch when things like bad passes happen and have a conversation with the offender about it but we cant be everywhere. Hopefully you had a good day overall, I know it was packed and there were a few crashes.
  7. Ya it was a mess to be honest... all the crashes were self inflicted but everyone seemed to be riding over their heads. I was directing the day and had to have a novice meeting at lunch to yell at that group. I am told you see this a lot after a rain day, everyone has a bit too much confidence. I am not going to Barber in Nov. I don't like the drive down there, and the family and I are going to go to the beach for a bit since the kids are off school, so this past weekend was likely my last ride for the year. I would have loved to have gotten to Road Atlanta next weekend but that isn't in the cards.
  8. We had a rider low side in T5 and either dislocated or broke his ankle and he was transported. The Harley guy should be ok. I havent heard anything after he was sent but I believe he had lost conciseness for a bit so they transported him to make sure he was ok otherwise, and he bit his lip pretty bad.
  9. Congrats Andrew. Glad we could get out to at least one round to bang bars with you guys this year.
  10. In my experience the AGV Corsa\Pista has the largest field of vision. I have an Arai Corsair X right now and it does have a smaller field of vision and I can see some of the helmet when riding but not enough to bother me. I have had issues in the past with the Bell Star but this was a few years ago and I am sure they have changed things since then.
  11. Also, bring some borax or something for the ants, certain sections of the paddock had a fair amount of them when I was there.
  12. There are no water hook ups, I would guess you aren't going to get one of the few electric spots there either. Not sure how they facilitate camping at that specific event for pricing but the last time I was there "2018" it was expensive, like $25-$50 a night or something.
  13. I will be at nelson next weekend as well, not sure if I am coaching or not but can at least put some faces to names.
  14. That guy can launch a bike... he got the holeshot from the 3rd row lol.
  15. Here is a video I took from Nelson last August with Ricky O'Hare, Vasily Zhulin and Stefano Mesa. Mesa and Zhulin pulled away pretty easily but you can see Ricky for a bit before the tow was lost. Bike placement is very important here to open the radius of the turns and carry your corner speed.
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