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  1. Glider sold. If a mod wants to lock this thread for me that'd be appreciated. Not much interest in the surround sound, so looks like I'll have to take it with me. Thanks everyone, and ride safe.
  2. Couches sold. Just need to sell the glider, surround sound and kids toys hopefully before Friday.
  3. Hedge trimmer and tires sold.
  4. Power rack and Rogue flat bench sold.
  5. Mattress, elliptical, dresser and husky toolbox all sold. Could a mod delete them from the origin post please?
  6. Item deleted per OP's request.
  7. I tried sending you a message about the elliptical, but it says you can't receive messages. Are you still interested? I've had a couple inquiries, but wanted to give you first dibs.
  8. Dining set pending to bowdog.
  9. And since I can't edit, I have another item to add. Set of couches - $200 In good condition, some small scratches here and there. There is also a small tear on the biggest couches arm rest, smaller than a dime. Picture of the tear.
  10. I forgot to mention, the power rack was bought new this past February and is in great shape with typical wear on the j-hooks.
  11. Tallmadge. A few minutes from Summit Racing.
  12. I will be moving out of state and have several items that I really don't want to try and move. I leave next weekend so these I need these to go quick. I am located in the Akron area. Titan Fitness T-2 Power Rack - $220 The weight and barbell pictured are no longer available. Features:Capacity: 700 lbs1" round steel pin, j-hooks2" steel tubesChin up bar: 1 1/4" diameterSpecifications:Weight: 107 lbsHeight: 83"Depth: 48"Inside front to back bar: 26"Floor space: 48" x 48"Pull up bar height: 80" Rogue Flat Bench - $100 No rips, tears or issues with the frame. I will make a deal if you want both this and the power rack. The bench is 12" wide, 47" long and 18" tall. Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D 235/40R18 - $160 These look to have only one seasons worth of use on them. No leaks, rips, tears, etc. Black & Decker Electric Hedge Trimmer - $20 Works great, no issues. Dining Room Set - $300 Includes table with two extra table inserts (not shown), china cabinet and protective top for the table. The padding on the chairs will need to be deep cleaned or recovered if desired. They are just dirty from every day use. Glider & Ottoman - $60 Was in our sons room but lightly used and in great condition. No rips, tears, stains or other issues. Yamaha 5.1 Surround Sound - $180 No issues with any of the speakers or receiver. I will include wall/ceiling mount brackets and all speaker wire that I have. Also comes with owners manual and everything else that was originally included. I will also throw in a free surge protector. Miscellaneous Toys This was too time consuming to list each individual pieces, so if there is something in this picture you're interested in let me know.
  13. I have to agree with Blue on this, although I'm not a qualified physician or anything. But I've never heard of someone not able to lose any weight, even if they have thyroid issues and such. I'd recommend seeing and taking a doctor's advice over a personal trainer. Almost anyone can become a certified trainer and there are plenty out there that preach their personal beliefs and put people on a program that isn't best suited for them, and people who aren't as educated don't know any better.. Again, I'm no professional I've just done a ton of research and been working out for years and like I said, I've never heard of someone never being able to lose any weight. Although surgery can help, following a proper diet counting macros and working your ass off will get you results, although it may come a little slower and harder for some than others. Take it for what it is and call me an idiot if you'd like, just giving my input. Ultimately it's your guys' decision and has no effect on me. Best of luck.
  14. Not for clothes, but everything else is gender neutral. Except for the infant car seat, it's black and red.
  15. Alright well if you need anything just shoot me a PM and I can let you know what I have if you're looking for something specific. No worries if you don't need anything, we were planning on trying to garage sale it this spring anyway. I just want it out of the basement and to get rid of as much stuff as I can over the next year or two so when we decide to move south it's less stuff I have to worry about getting rid of..
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