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  1. My baby got a new seat over the winter (thank you @RidersDiscount). She was given a good cleaning today too... For Christmas I got new LED frt. Signlas... Before and after...
  2. This one you have to guess when to stop and just need to be close enough..
  3. Thank you, I am going to keep trying to go further. Here is the elevator that is used in another area..
  4. New job.... I am an environmental health and safety specialist. I am deathly afraid of hights and ladders, so my second week I was challenged with "observing" a job... So... I went up and across the cat walk.. After I went in the dryer to help clean... Took 3 days to poop again....
  5. Or.. Work on building muscle so you're not a bean pole trying to lift a medium person.... Midgets fight back... Or will shoot you just ask @MidgetTodd
  6. I did this in Nov. I am glad I did too.
  7. Hit a 1x3 bench press for 155 yesterday. Weight loss is slow, so I am working on building strength. If I can't lose it, I will convert it.
  8. Not yet... He can still out lift me.
  9. If you have nuts, we will roast them....
  10. No Dick's are allowed... If you have one then you can't get in... Doubt this is the first time any of you have been told this.
  11. Ladies ONLY! This is were we swap recipes and talk about how great men are.... For all those who don't know, Snot is a girls name. https://ohmo.co/clubs/34-women-only/
  12. snot

    Logo Contest

    I can't draw.... Just a thought, use the epic ride logo and replace the bike with motor. Then, replaced "epic ride" with "motorsports group". The logo has an outline of the state for Ohio.
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