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  1. I've used it in my kid's dirt bikes.
  2. Although the Connie air filter is a pain, the Wing air filter is worse.
  3. I was on an Iron Butt qualification ride for my brother and a cousin with an Ultra CVO. Even the CVO didn't have enough power to make high speed passes.
  4. Buying a house over the last couple of years has been a nightmare. We got frustrated and built a new home. Good luck with your search!
  5. Congrats on the new job! To make you feel better: structural steel members used to make bridges, walkways, etc. are designed with an approximate 2 to 1 safety factor.
  6. Those who can't teach work for the government
  7. I I don't get on there very often, and I rarely post. Which thread got you banned?
  8. I'll buy you lunch if you let me take your bike for a spin. My daughters have signed off on the potential switch to the new Wing.
  9. I was in the convoy for about 5 miles. It made me late to my daughter's school function. On the other hand, F@ck Government Mandates!
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