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  1. I can meet in Caldwell and ride to Athens if you decide to go the long route. Just need a meet time and spot in Caldwell. PM sent. Brian2
  2. No Shit, This can only get better. Question in the back, Is Gost Rider Justin or the Ken guy in the video who must have recently finished Dale Carnegie's "public speaking" online course. (all in fun Brian PS I ride better than I spell.
  3. New Guy Suggestion: I can recommend a location outside of Ohio that is in Romney, Wva. I have been to this events and it's laid back and relaxed fun with some great Garmin (gpx) routes to ride for all types of riding. The ride there and back is an event in itself. The dealership is not the sponsor but he goes out of his way to make sure B-fast and Dinner, fire pit and coffee and test rides are available and the dealership grounds are great for camping. Also there are hotels and formal campgrounds close by. Check the link and see if this is something you might like for this group. http://www.stromtrooper.com/events/158569-spring-2014-romney-west-virginia-may-2-4-a.html http://www.stromtrooper.com/events/80650-spring-2013-romney-west-virginia-may-3-5-a.html
  4. Fall Epic Ride GPS Numbers: Route: 133.3 Miles Avg. Moving: 52.8 MPH Time Moving: 2:31min Time Stopped: 19:56 Top 107
  5. My First Epic Ride with the OR crew. Had a great time. What a fun group to ride with. I got a Garmin VIRB and this is my first attempt of some of our ride: 1. Derek, Thank you for all the hard work you put into this event. 2. Jim, Thanks for the voucher to place me in your Grp. 3. Hellmutt, Sorry for bailling on your group but I have ridden with Jim (jschaf) before and he had a upgrade voucher and I had $20:00
  6. If you need someone to move from MED Grp. to fit somone in, I would be happy to. B.
  7. NOTE: SEP23 Route 56 Now open all cleaned up and no sign of construction. Murry City has in town shoulder work on going route 78 flag men on site. B.
  8. FWIW. Just got off 56 a hour ago this afternoon and it is open at the 56S/278N intersection. The road closed signs were set off in the grass. they may have it open on the weekends, dont know. There is a lot of debris on the roads with all this wind. Branches, acorns and walnuts were the wepons of the day brought on by the Varmit Cong (squirels) and the wind.
  9. For future reference, take 278N from 56 and cross old 33 at Nelsonville. continue on 278N after about 4 blocks of resident housing you break out and pass under the new 33 bypass. jam all the way to the right turn on 595N. take 595 all the way to New Straitsville intersection (Begley Campground on right) turn right on 216 and pick up 78N at Murry City. Caution there is a sharp down hill left decreasing radius turn on 595 just as you get to New Straitsville. Skid marks and guard rail scrapes show past performances. Fun Roads! B.
  10. Derek, I am planning to show for this, will be riding the Z.
  11. Derek and crew FYI 56 is closed just after the 278 turn to Nelsonville. dont know when it will be open down to 691 also the construction traffic light is still set up at Coonville on 56. warn the guy that almost bowling pined you on the video. FWTW Some Detour Options Shorter: 56 to 278N to 685 to 78 Longer: 56 to 278s to 50E to 356 to 56 to 691 I am sure I will be down that way again before your ride to check. Brian
  12. Got this flyer in the mail. I road this event in the spring and it was great. I am sure the fall ride will be the same.
  13. Leaving Hocking Hills area ride to SE of Knoxville just off I75 Athens, TN. Any good routes thru WVa or KY dont mind 30-40 mile sections on Interstate if I must. Somthing that I can enjoy but still make time. Fast Sweepers, not Pubic Hair Curves all the way. I will be on the Z. Thanks, Brian
  14. I have great luck with Escort Pasport 8500 X50, Escort Solo S3, and the H.A.R.D. heads up display alert led. Also Veil Coating G4. Most of all be aware of your environment and location.
  15. B-Mac

    329 New Asphalt

    All good, But there can aways be a gravel spill in corners.
  16. B-Mac

    329 New Asphalt

    If You were coming from Marietta on 550 and heading to 13N at the North side of Athens I cut off that section and take 329N to 13N at Trimble then go 13N or 78. IMHO you cut off some of the small town traffic and so so section of roads to get back north bound. as someone said it also looks good going south off 550. YMMV Brian
  17. Jim, I got my Metzler Roadtec Z8's today in the mail. My ECU and Pwr.Cmd.5 will be here friday, so I will be busy Sat/Sun. I have a 120/70ZR 17 Dunlop Sportmax with less than 2500 Mi. if anyone is looking for a used front. Brian. sorry for the hijack, just responding.
  18. Great Ride! Thanks Derek. Nice meeting you Jim. My internal speed sensor has now been recalibated.
  19. 7/10/14 On my way back from Maritta on 550W at Amesville 329N toTrimble has new asphalt. ODOT was finishing the painting just one temporary traffic light lane restriction for a short 3 min wait. another note it was 78deg's and 26,800,256,536,550,78 were just 289 miles of fine Brian
  20. I will be at the 78/83 Intersection but DO NOT wait for me. If im not standing by just keep on cruzing. Enjoy!
  21. Derek, Sorry for your loss. I can meet you at the 83/78 intersection or (Big Muskie parking lot). Is 10:15 about right? Google gives 1.44 Millersburg to 83/78. I can stay with the route to Glouster or McConnelsville depends on time. I will reconfirm on Friday, Brian
  22. Fretting damage in steel can be identified by the presence of a pitted surface and fine 'red' iron oxide dust reminiscent of cocoa powder. Strictly this debris is not 'rust' as its production requires no water. The particles are much harder than the steel surfaces in contact, so abrasive wear is inevitable; however, particulates are not required to initiate fret. B.
  23. My wife and I are planing to ride up on Sat. Sun is a alternate weather day.
  24. I am going in the mid morning. hope there is a good display.B.
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