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  1. I ended up just getting one Cert this year. I really like Mid-O’s layout, the people, and the proximity to my house so I am holding out hope that they will get a repave soon. I found this article where the president of Mid-O talks about getting a repave with motorcycles in mind in the next 3-5 years….. the article is from 2015. I am guessing the pandemic and the significantly increased cost of construction has changed those plans. https://amp.mansfieldnewsjournal.com/amp/30212373
  2. I see what you mean now about two downshifts into 12. I tried that in practice and was finding it difficult to get down 2 gears and change body position in that amount of time. I also was a second slower on my laps so I was not hitting such high revs. Once I was racing, my pace was much faster and that downshift before the kink should not have happened. Practice will make me quicker on those shifts.
  3. Yeah, bouncing off my rev limiter was not great. I actually need to change up my gearing for that track to keep my RPM’s in a better spot. On turn 1, I tried not downshifting in practice but my bike lacked the power to get me to the speed I wanted to exit. I appreciate the advice on the shift points. I studied every race video of that track that I could find and was still not able to pin all the shift points down.
  4. Well, if you all feel like watching me crash, here is another one from Nelson Ledges earlier this year. I was jockeying for 2nd I think and came upon an “expert” who I assumed would accelerate out of the turn and hold his line when he did not. It looks like I could have gotten back on the track but it rained heavy so I was riding through deep puddles in the grass. I was hoping I could ride it out but quickly realized that wasn’t happening when I locked up my brakes and didn’t slow down at all. I got a little off line on some of the laps but this was my first weekend at Nelson and was just creeping into 1:11’s. https://youtu.be/MAsqTR1brV4
  5. I was just outside of it on the inside of the curve but I typically run it over on my regular line. It definitely has a bump in it.
  6. Here is the video. Sorry it’s a butt shot. I was noticing I was dropping my butt when leaning and wanted to get a video to see how bad it was to correct it. I am a little off line here which could be why I didn’t slip on any of my other laps. https://youtu.be/KvXS9cuWZXc
  7. I do and it was working. I will post it. You will notice in the crash that I start to roll on throttle about the same time I go down. That doesn’t feel like the issue but it could have contributed. I am pretty light on the throttle through there and was in 3rd gear so not a ton of torque at that spot given my rpm and speed.
  8. It was a beautiful day to be on the track and there was not very many people. Unfortunately, 4 people from various groups went down at the same location on turn 9 throughout the day, I was the one in advanced that went down. I left after that but in the ambulance ride, you could hear them talking on the radio asking if anyone saw any reason why everyone was going down. Not sure if they got it figured out after I left. Felt like oil or antifreeze because there was no warning , I just initiated the turn, not even getting my knee down, and in a flash my front end was down and I was sliding. Not hurt and bike is fine.
  9. Did anyone go to the customer appreciation day at Mid-O? I am wondering if they ever let anyone on the track. I went but left early when it was obvious the track would not dry out.
  10. How many miles on it? Is the rear subframe bent? It looks a little tweaked in the picture from the back
  11. I have a full day certificate I do not think I will be able to use this year. There are plenty of days left so I figure someone would want it. $160
  12. Anyone planning to be at Vintage Motorcycle Days this weekend? I am going to be there on Saturday for the 600c race.
  13. I will go. Are you sure it isn’t cancelled? They are pretty bad at communicating their cancellations.
  14. If anyone is planning on being at Nelson tomorrow, I will be there practicing for my first ever WERA race. I will take any advice you are willing to give me.
  15. Yes, I created it on my phone so maybe I need to check an actual computer. It says it is full and gave me an option to get on a wait list.
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