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Givi Maxima Mono Key 55 liter top case / Givi E41 keyless side cases (plus mounting brackets for Gen 1 DL1000)


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Sold the VStrom, so I need to sell the cases.  A pair of Givi E41 keyless side cases, a Givi Maxima Mono Key 55 liter top case, (and all mounting brackets for a 2002-2012 VStrom).  After 9 years, The cases show a little bit of wear, but are in very good condition.  I Would prefer to sell top case and side cases as a set since the locks are keyed for one key.  New, this set up would cost around $1,200.  OR price is $700, plus shipping at your cost (if applicable).   I’m located in Vermilion, on Lake Erie.  Willing to deliver if less than 100 miles.  (I’m retired…I’ve got lots of time).

I’m not very active on OR, but Pauly and Tonik both know me.

The cases are packed away right now, but I can get photos for serious inquiries.   They basically look like this:



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Price drop, plus I found two additional keys, so I’m willing to sell the top case separately from the side cases.  

$200 for the top case (including the $80 mounting bracket for a Gen 1 VStrom).  

$400 for the side cases (including the $180 mounting bracket for same bike)

** buyer pays actual shipping from 44089.  I’ll deliver within 100 miles if you buy it all. 

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Side case photos added. When I got the cases out of the attic, I noticed some slight scuffing on the left case.  Not sure where it came from because the bike was never down.   I took a closer pic of than area.










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Price drop.  I really don’t want to pack these away in the attic.  

$150 for top case (includes mounting bracket) plus buyer pays shipping.

$300 for side cases (includes mounting bracket) plus buyer pays shipping 

Buy it all and I’ll deliver it for free within 100 miles of 44089

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update 1/11/22

Side cases and racks have been sold.  Top case and mounting plate are still available.  Shipping for it would cost more than the case.  


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