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  1. I have a technical/electronic question that I think is pretty easy, but l’m just guessing. I know somebody here knows this stuff better than I do, so I was hoping to get a little guidance. I bought a set of turn signals to replace my rear indicators because they interfere with my new saddle bag mounts. The turn signals I bought are 3-wire and can be used in the front with the 3rd wire to be used for daytime running lamps. They perform both functions, constant DRL lights which switch to amber when the turn signal is activated. They had 3 options for the constant running lights, white, red and blue. Since I’m using them in the back, I bought the red running lights/ amber signal and hoped to be able to use them as daytime red lights in the back as well as turn signals. My existing OEM rear signals only have two wires. My question is, if I take the daytime running light wire on the new indicators to the hot constant running light for the brake light, these should be constant red when not signaling, right? I don’t want to run it to the brighter brake light wire, do I? Any advice? Or am I on the right track?
  2. Bike is a 2016, not 2017. If admin can adjust the title, I'd appreciate it. @Casper
  3. Father-in-law bought this bike to ride with me, just never happened much. Bike has less than 1000 miles. Not even fully broken in. One owner purchased from the dealership. Comes with OEM top case. Any questions, PM me and I’ll give you my cell. Bike has always been garaged and is located in Thornville. Looking for $8250.
  4. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10103917/Brian-Laundrie-doppelganger-handcuffed-gunpoint-lodge-Appalachian-Trail.html?ito=social-facebook&fbclid=IwAR3Ao6Z29RkjnpLfyfTMnJCc28gmZeJuxKlLeo1DgbS6mC1df20w62xGebo
  5. Just stumbled onto this. For what it's worth, I bought that same trailer used but in new condition for $400 probably 5 years ago. Sold it last year for $450. Not sure if I got a deal and should've sold it for more, or not. But you might be a little high on the price. FWIW.
  6. We made it. Worth the trip? Meh. Overrated.
  7. 28 Motorsports on the east side of Columbus. They do good work. 4.9 stars with over 100 reviews. 2897 Johnstown Rd, Columbus, OH 43219
  8. This is the exact route I would suggest.
  9. I had every intention of making it there, but their hours prevented it. I got into Robbinsville on Sunday evening and left to ride home Wednesday. Caffe Rel is closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. So literally the days I could have gone are the days they were closed. I won’t leave the area in September without stopping. Guaranteed!
  10. Trip was good, but the guys I went with were on Harleys and didn't have as much endurance as they thought they would. So....I was left riding solo for most of it. Hey, at least I got two trips to Coal Creek Smokehouse out of it!
  11. Sounds good brother. I’ll get with Shannon and put up some dates. Give me a day or two.
  12. Was thinking about another trip to the Deal's Gap area, though maybe staying near Cherokee so we can hit the loops east of Robbinsville in the Ashville area. Would like to get a small group of guys. Post up if you're interested and we can try to lock down some dates. I'm thinking 2 day ride down. 2 days of riding there and a slab day back home.....though I could potentially be flexible. Any interest?
  13. I'll take it, if you'll hold it for me. I'll bring the 6 pack the next time I need a tire installed. And it would be nice to meet you. I just had Angel GTs installed for the trip, so it'll probably be a month or so before I need it. But count me in.
  14. Blitz

    Dragon prep run

    Wish I’d have seen this earlier. We have a good bit of room in the Airbnb, if you still don’t have a place. Shoot me a message or let me know if you’re interested. I think we’ve got whole rooms empty. There’s a pool table, hot tub, and a garage for the bikes. I think it’s two couples and me, at the moment. A lot of guys bailed. Seriously, let me know….
  15. Blitz

    Dragon prep run

    No. We're staying at a place called Treetops. It's at the base of the Cherohala on the Robbinsville side, before you get up the mountain.
  16. Thanks for posting! I know most of these roads....or at least the general area. Might have to plug them into the GPS and see. So different looking at them on an old school map versus interactive GPS where I can zoom in and find landmarks.
  17. Blitz

    Dragon prep run

    We'll have to try to meet up for a bit, Mike. Maybe grab some dinner at the lodge or something. Sounds like a few of us will be there.
  18. Blitz

    Dragon prep run

    Yeah, that would be great! Would be a pretty cool impromptu group to ride with.
  19. I know you do. That's why I never make it when they're open because they have odd hours. Though their reputation is good enough that I need to make it a point to eat there this time.
  20. Would probably prefer to come in near Townsend instead of Knoxville. I'll ride the Foothills Pkwy to the Dragon instead of going through the traffic.
  21. I've been down there like 6 times and every time I have Caffe Rel on the list and don't make it there, for whatever reason. Happy to have you guys along on any ride while we're there. I'll PM you my cell number. We'll have to link up.
  22. This is so good, my friend. I appreciate it more than you know. And the guys that I'm sharing it with will appreciate it too! If I had one request for extra credit..... I'm going solo from Ohio down. The other guys are slabbing it. So I could potentially stay in a hotel in KY on the 10th. Do you have any suggestions for 2 days getting there that aren't 16? Something through Kentucky? No need to to work on it tonight. Just something I might consider. Thanks again Jim! This is really great!
  23. Blitz

    Dragon prep run

    Yeah man, for sure. I think I PMd you my cell phone number. If you're down there while I'm down there (July 10-15), shoot me a message!
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