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  1. Got out with my dad and brother for a KLR riding day. Made it over to Moonville tunnel. Had to cut the ride a little short (brother went down and his knee was swelling pretty bad). Overall, great riding though.
  2. Got a tool tube installed on my luggage racks. Bike all prepped for some riding if the weather holds out.
  3. Took my dad and brother to iron pony for some gear shopping. My brother hasn’t ridden in a decade so he did some upgrading on gear. Did a little bit of air filter maintenance.
  4. This was the response I was looking for. I’m hoping my next big bike is gonna be a R1250c but it’s gonna be strictly road duty, so I wasn’t sure which version I want.
  5. Went to harbor freight and bought some side luggage for the KLR. The luggage racks came with quick detachable plates so it makes taking the cases on and off a breeze.
  6. I remember following the white whale through the dragon then we pull over and your rear tire was toast 😂
  7. Best bisque I’ve ever had, I could literally go there for bisque and bread and be happy.
  8. Got my photo from the gap, no knee down action sadly 😂
  9. The Georgia State Trooper sure didn't see it that way when @2talltim and I got our performance awards on blood mountain. Granted, we probably made over a dozen dick passes before that
  10. It was Rib Country BBQ in Murphy, TN. It was okay, menu was a little different that most BBQ places. No meat samplers or 2-3 meat options, just a single meat or all the meats.
  11. Well @2talltim and I are finishing up our 3 day adventure riding trip here in the Smokey’s, I figured we could throw some pictures up. We definitely learnt a lot of things, since neither one of us ever rode dual sports. Overall it was an amazing trip.
  12. When I did the salvage inspection for my truck, they basically wanted to see the receipts for every replaced part. They did nothing for the road worthiness of the vehicle.
  13. New Tusk handlebars installed with some fresh Renthal full diamond grips.
  14. New tires installed, bike is pretty much ready for @2talltim and It’s Smokey Mountain trip.
  15. I saw $2200 for it on a parts fiche site, and it doesn’t look like anyone has one either. Definitely worth protecting. I remember my Honda Accord had $7k headlights in it. Ridiculous
  16. Installed new skid plate on the KLR.
  17. Yeah my biggest disappointment in the wing was the apple CarPlay and the navigation. It could be so much better.
  18. 2nd set of led lights. First set didn’t last off-road riding very long. Hopefully these hold up better.
  19. This is why my dad sold his Harley. After getting the wing, he could never enjoy riding it, knowing the wing is better in every way.
  20. I just saw Joel’s post on FB, is the guy riding the guzzi okay?
  21. Great to see everyone today. I found some nice gravel riding around AEP land. Got a bucket photo as well…
  22. @2talltim has been sick last couple days... Talked to him this morning and sounded like he ain't gonna make it this weekend. I plan on coming tomorrow.
  23. JustinNck1


    It definitely progressed worse and worse over its last few years in Cleveland. AIMExpo was nice though…
  24. I plan on at least coming to the meetup. Not sure if I’ll ride the route though, might make a little dual sport ride instead.
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