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Had a good time this weekend down in NC for N2 Trackday's staff-only event. A time where all of N2's staff gets together to hang out, train, and all get on the same page for the upcoming season. I had a new bike to test out. R6 ran great and I dont think I'll ever own a bike without auto-blip again.


There are 3 bikes in the above pic :D 



Me, Jester, Ronstoppable, and Blue06636 all in one photo. Slowest guy in front :D 

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3 hours ago, Tonik said:

How do tires work on that. Can't imagine they make it for 4 hours.

Tire/wheel changes. Spare wheels and tires are sitting on warmers in the pits. The competitive bikes all have quick change axels/setups. Can change a rear in under a minute. A front under 2.  For our team we put on a new rear for each stint (about an hour each). We used the same front tire without issue.

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