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Road closings

Unk Greg

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Holmes Co. 

SR 60, between Killbuck and SR39.

SR520, re-routed to Danville and SR514

SR 39 paving work/shoulder widening- by Walnutcreek not closed - traffic maintained but reduced to one lane....taking turns to get thru construction-delays

SR 557 near SR 93 (Baltic) Tusc. Co. and Holmes....not sure if it includes SR 643- repaving work


you may want to check with ODOT if thinking of riding here.






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7/31/2022 Sunday

Temporary/road repair:  676 (Lancaster St.) coming out of Marietta, OH.  in-route Watertown is closed at 14174  676. use gravel 126 Turkeyhen rd. to 55 Rauch rd. to detour around.

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SR520 open, but one lane with trlr traffic light at the USR62 end of road.

New is USR between Killbuck and Mlbg has repair work and another temp. traffic light for one lane.

Watch out! A dirt road along the repair section had a SUV pop out onto 62 today....presuming he was trying to beat the line of cars......almost got the guy on a motorcycle.....adept evasive maneuver kept the mc guy intact.....a true gentleman, he never flipped the SUV the bird.

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