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  1. Sorry to read this. We had a couple riding two up go down in front of us earlier this year on NC215. It just sucks being on any end of something like that. I hope your bud heels up quickly.
  2. I was hoping to reply and join you, but work got in the way.
  3. She won. And the first 200 mile ride yesterday made me happy that she won. Got it used from a guy up in Meatchicken. It came with about $9k in extras/accessories, including the tour pack, upgraded sound, passenger backrest with optional luggage rack, and lots of other upgrades/gadgets. Loving this thing so far.
  4. If you're able to spray the trim, then trim, then walls. If not spraying, walls then trim.
  5. Thanks guys. We went to Iron Pony over the weekend and got to test ride a couple of Indians. Roadmaster and Challenger. We really enjoyed the Challenger, and there was definitely more room for my 6'2", 34" inseam. That Challenger spoke to me. But I do still want to give the Wing a try, even though the wife is totally against it. She loves the Indians.
  6. Meaning rent me one for the weekend, or a day. If anyone knows of such a person, I would very much appreciate contact info.
  7. I know. I'd love to be able to ride both. I'd like to find someone that has one getting dusty in the corner that would like to make a couple hundred bucks off of it.
  8. Hey guys, I rode with a couple of wings over the weekend (sans rear tour pack?), and am getting closer to getting my wife to look at one with me. She's always said they were old man bikes, and that I needed to wait until I was 50. That was 3 years ago. Now she says 60....lol. It's all good. Ultimately, I can do whatever, but would really prefer her blessing. I've been trying to find a rental, but have been unsuccessful. Does anyone know where I could rent one for the weekend, or even a day? I think if I could get her on the back of one, she'd be all in. Any helpful info would be greatly appreciated. Ron
  9. We were on the Cheohala Thursday.
  10. Looks like a great trip. The Dragon was pretty empty last Tuesday and Wednesday. We were in Maggie Valley for the week. Glad you're home safe, but the Vid can suck it. I've got to get my wife on the back of a wing some time.
  11. Really sorry to hear this, but glad you're doing as well as you are. I say go after her as well. At least without anymore money out of your pocket if possible. How many times can a person get away with this before suffering the consequences?
  12. Got to ride my buddies new Rocket III yesterday. What a bike!
  13. Just make sure that you and the seller are on the same page and all should be good. Lucky for us, the seller, in WV, of my recently purchased side by side got in touch with us to see what we put on the Title because the State of Ohio Taxation or whatever the funk it is contacted them asking about the price.
  14. I did the same, but I don't mind it at all. I'd ride it.
  15. We tent camped in WV from 4/28-5/1. Great place to ride over there around Bergoo.
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