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School me on foam sprayers


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I bought one on Amazon. Had good reviews and works really well, love it on the cars and heavily caked grime but felt I was just wasting soap on the bike. Handy to have around for the price I spent but would not spend a lot on a name brand one. Just watch out for some of the extreme cheapos they have bad reviews saying the bottle breaks at the neck. I just used some cheap blue coral car wash and wax I bought at Walmart for like 5 bucks for a gallon.




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I was summoned.

I myself have not used a foam cannon/gun but the general thing I see on r/autodetailing is that the cheaper Amazon ones work just fine but the name brand ones can be worth the extra money sometimes for warranties and such. Check out the subreddit sometime, full of information.

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My buddy just got one. Got the sprayer off amazon but ordered chemical guys soap. It's important you don't have a shitty pressure washer. Worked so well that when I rode to work the next day it rained! 



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