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TEXAS – The infamous “B*oty Tickler” who was breaking into homes in Dallas and tickling peoples but*holes while they were sleeping has finally been captured.

The so called “B*oty tickler” hit several homes and targeted at least a dozen people before being arrested.

His best cover is the element of surprise people believed he was a harmless homeless man but after being captured it was discovered he wasn’t homeless but was wearing “Yezzus” brand clothing that is estimated to be worth over $4,500.

All of the break-ins happened overnight and people were so scared they started sleeping on their back.

We spoke we Richard Nays who lives near 3 of the “B*oty ticklers” victims homes and he told us “Fam I slept on my back everyday, I can finally sleep on my stomach again”.

Police say they were able to identify him and arrested him today at 5 a.m. All of the tickler’s victims were men. He is currently being held in Dallas County with no bond.

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