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Tire Liability My ASS


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TIRE WHAT!!!!!:hair:hair
I went to my local bike shop "Top Dog Performance Cycles" Who has changed (est.20) tires for me when I am too lazy to use my NoMar changer, (that I sold last year)
I like to use local shops when I can to help them stay open. But today I am told that If I did NOT purchase the tire from them, He cannot change the tire due to his insurance company's liability rules.
Note: same response from  Pony Powersports 4242 Coonpath Rd NW, Carroll, OH 43112
Are YOU F___ing kidding me. IS this a scam or has the world gone Mad?:dunno

Big Ohio has offered me the use of his changer so that we can Adventure ride this Sunday as the weather cools.

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 Is it really the insurance company? or do I smell shit being wafted toward me.

Edit>>> Post 1 bottle of Cab Sin of wine. :hairOh! I'm sorry your fucking sign stated "Service Center!!" Well I need Service on my worn out rear fucking tire. I would like to replace it with this new tire that I received from my wife as a anniversary present.:crash
I will pay you for your bullshit environmental disposal fee of my old tire that will be ground up and used for mulch. Oh and yes you can charged me also for your fucking "Shop Supplies" bullshit that makes it's way on my invoice.:dirtdog Oh shit, wait a fucking minute, you can't service my needs because I have not purchased this tire from you??? So.... "Service center" $55.00 a hour is not a real deal for a 20min tire change?:dunno

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