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2022 Mid Summer Classic.


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WTF is it with the PA turnpike. It's like it sucks the common sense right out of everyone. Cars in front of me driving just fine...cross out of Ohio onto PA and the same cars start driving like crap. Every one was. Except me of course. 

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2 hours ago, Bubba said:

Safe travels, Jim!  Sure hope that thing is equipped with AC!!!

Hot as fuck, east coast traffic and accidents ahead of us. After today we are out of that at least. Tomorrow is hot, rest of the week looks much better.

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11 minutes ago, Connie14 said:

Safe Travels!  Thanks for the photo on how to deal with the storage of the 2nd helmet on a 2018 Wing!  Speed safely!


That's not factory. 🤣

For locking it has this gizmo that locks into the left grab bar. I got a seven foot cable with looped ends. Can lock two helmets and two jackets with it.

I used to put a screw driver in the front axle and hang one there, loop through the one on the highway pegs then to the brake caliper. But that left jackets as still an issue.

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4 hours ago, Tonik said:

Lol fuck I95. Never again. Tomorrow the fun starts, first with the Outer Banks.


Agreed!!  Did a small part of 95 going to the Outer Banks last year and it was AWFUL - it was dark and raining and everyone went 85 then slammed the brakes to 30mph, then repeat again and again… 

Have fun!!

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So Deb and I seek very good cool restaurants on our trips. For the last four or five years our favorite appetizer was from a restaurant in Santa Fe NM. It was BBQ quail tacos.

The tacos have been dethroned. Holy smokes are these mushrooms good.






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