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2001 Suzuki Bandit 1200 Shifter Issue

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First time pushing my Bandit in 22-1/2 years and 65k miles!

My shifter went "loose" today.  I could move it up & down but it didn't feel connected to anything inside, but I could feel the spring returning it to center.  Pushed it back to the parking lot at work and found massive end play in the shift shaft.  I was able to pull the shaft out from the case and saw the circlip groove so I pushed the clip back into the groove and I thought all was good...

When I started riding home, I could not shift to 2nd gear, just 1st & N.  I took it easy and limped home to my garage and my tools.

My theory, at this point, was that the shift shaft's teeth were mis-meshed with the shift drum by a tooth.  I pulled the circlip back and pushed the shaft back inward in an attempt to disengage and re-engage it in the correct position.

Now I can't get the shift shaft to the position where it was "loose" and I'm stuck in 1st gear only - can't get to N.  I also can't feel the effect of the centering spring anymore.

Planning to drop the oil pan to see what I can see from there.  I'm hoping I can reach and realign whatever is wrong in there.

Anybody have any tips or ideas?

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15 hours ago, Pauly said:

@Howabusa and @theroamr are the two Bandit experts in my circle of friends. 

Thanks Pauly.  Same motor as the GSX-R 1100 from the late '80s.  Anybody?


I'll probably get around to opening it up over the long weekend.  I'll be sure to post pictures.

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I’m wondering if something got janky with your shift drum? Almost thinking those spring loaded tabs may have come unaligned and allowed for your shift shaft to float more than it normally does or vice versa the shift shaft floating allowed them to come unlodged. Obviously just a guess until you open it up.


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