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  1. Couple pics from Nelsons last weekend.
  2. It disappears as soon as you get over 10mph. My short self was able to ride this without too much trouble with the short person seat installed.
  3. We hope too. Attendance rose with every day we had there, just hoping it shows a good enough trend that the owners are willing to put some dates on the schedule next year. Thanks for coming out!
  4. So how does one hold these low-lifes accountable?
  5. Have fun kids. I'll be riding the couch this weekend.
  6. This. Fuck this person to the fullest extent. I'd probably also get a lawyer and see what else I could extract from that fuckstick.
  7. I've ridden further just to see some of yall's faces. Not even food!
  8. Just sayin.... https://traxxion.com/product/ak-20-axxion-cartridge-kit-ak20h-gl1800-trike/ https://traxxion.com/product/traxx-rite-billet-triple-clamps-trike/ https://traxxion.com/product/gl1800-goldwing-extended-fork-caps/ https://traxxion.com/product/honda-gl1800-gold-wing-rear-shock-absorber-kit/
  9. I am also shocked.
  10. Bump to the top. Had a great time last time out. Expecting the same at the end of next month.
  11. Couple shots from last weekend at Pitt.
  12. Might help to post a price?
  13. Meat at bank and cash check right then and there.
  14. TimTheAzn


    Ouch! I dodged a bird, a piece of an r6, and gave a ground hog a dirty look of "you better not cross the track" in the carousel of Nelsons this past weekend.
  15. There is still stupid stuff I do/don't do while I ride. None of us are perfect. We're all just chasing perfection.
  16. @jbot Just store it in my garage if you need room.
  17. A good scorecard for that is having that left (in this pic) arm lay across the top of the tank. Once you feel that left arm straighten out a bit and lay on top of the tank it'll help the upper body position.
  18. Lil pic from Nelsons this past weekend.
  19. About ready to go change my oil, shuffle some wheels and tires around.
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