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unOFFICIAL Thanks Trump thread.


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5 minutes ago, TimTheAzn said:



A better analogy would be the world series.  Where the winner is determined by winning 4 games (states/electoral college) rather than the total number of runs (votes) over 7 games. that happened once back in the 60's I think.  The losing team scored far more runs than the winning team.

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10 minutes ago, Bad324 said:

Merge them, I like your title better so let it reign......





.....like Trump will for the next 8 years!  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


25 minutes ago, Casper said:

Do you need a hug? Your comebacks are especially lame lately. 

Not as lame as your idea to use @Bad324 's thread title.  Even he thought that was a retarded idea.

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7 minutes ago, Bad324 said:

Good thing I don't want another Camaro

I'm not going searching, but you said something about wanting to get a sports car to cruise in with the kids. You mentioned a Camaro in the Gap trip thread, something about being the best Christmas if you got a bike and a Camaro. 

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