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Fall Meat and Greet, POSTPONED!!


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Howdy. I'm offering my garage as a hangout spot for a Fall M&G. Car people are welcome, I suppose... but will likely be ignored. Attend at your own risk? 😜 

Pizza and soda ("pop" for the uncultured among us)

Planning on a very informal hangout. Not planning a ride, but could be persuaded otherwise. 

EDIT: October 14 is the date. That's next Saturday. We can get food and whatnot once people start rolling in. Likely Gioninos pizza and wings. Seems simple enough. 

Not planning on doing any wrenching because I'll be using my lift as a picnic table. 

Noon to whenever works for me. No monies needed. I'll buy the food and drinks, but BYOB if you're planning to consume adult beverages. There's a Circle K within staggering distance of my place. 

Hit me up in a PM if you need my address. 

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On 10/2/2023 at 3:20 PM, Bad324 said:

It's unlikely because life has gotten crazy with a newborn again BUT watching just in case I can make a short appearance. Somehow I miss some of you assholes 

Dude, he even made an exception for cars so you could come since you don't have a bike. You need to be there.

I think I will bring the Delorean. Weather permitting.

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  • Pauly changed the title to Fall Meat and Greet, October 14
7 hours ago, Casper said:

Kid friendly-ish? 

If your children aren't adverse to swearing, pit bulls, and/or grown men touching them inappropriately... then sure. I guess. 

If you're asking if I have stuff at my place to keep children entertained... I do not. 

Your call, Ben. You and yours are welcome at my house anytime. 

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  • Pauly changed the title to Fall Meat and Greet, POSTPONED!!

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