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  1. I did a few tweaks to the wifes 2017 Expedition. Main one was adding remotes start with just a few clicks of the mouse, and purchasing some key fobs.
  2. Hoping to go the 1st weekend in April. Last i herd they open the 1stthis year? Also will be a sXs.
  3. I always stop at the Sunoco gas station by clear creek road. Isn't the Valero on the left side of road when traveling south?
  4. I called the State Forest Rangers office, and was told there not busting balls over tags, but get a trail pass. Trying to head out there soon...
  5. Trails opened the middle of the month. My son and I are going to try and make it June the 6th. Both of my 700's have expired tags, so I'm hoping that's not a issue. I wish the camp grounds were open already...
  6. Are those cameras just for inside use? I see it says dust- and water resistant, but not water proof?
  7. I figured this would happen, when I herd Hatfield & McCoy was closed. Idk about you guys but I'm going stir crazy here. Hopefully the whole season isn't going to be a wash. https://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/wayne/news-events/?cid=FSEPRD719831
  8. a vapor barrier, along with vented at the peak.
  9. I missed last weekend ride, due to family. How many of you all closed down wayne last weekend?
  10. That's cool if you still have it, I'll take it for the low low discounted OR price. I work all over the inner city daily and go Galloway, West Jeff and Grove city. Let me know if and when we could meet up.
  11. those are all paid for, it's the ammo thats a mutha
  12. I'd love to move, but right now it's not in the budget, but this doorbell is. Cool, just hit me up the 1st of the week.
  13. You know i need this! Is it the new one or old style? I think the new one is called Ring Video Doorbell 2
  14. I always watch super cross and arena cross. Jace Owen is dominating arena cross this year, winning every heat race & race. But he got a shot of reality when he stepped up to super cross. He did well in the heat race, advancing straight into the main. But in the main I'm not sure what happened as he was never mentioned, and finished dead last...
  15. Didn't make it out after Thanksgiving, my son was on call for his work. We did ride Sunday, it was crazy nice like 65ish and the trails were awesome. Not sure if I will make it back this weekend or not. On things for the weather won't be nearly as nice, but still supposed to be dry and sunny. Anyone else going this weekend? I think my Son is on call again, some bs every other weekend crap.
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