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Went to Dragway 42 today


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Set another personal best in the shitbox.




11.75 @ 115 and 11.79 @ 115.




Track prep was pretty damn good. I didn't want to keep pushing the car as the stock 4t65 is probably crying right now. Oh well. I'm good.







Yep. broke the left headlight top again. 3m Tape should fix that.



Outside view (2nd pass)



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Congrats man, this thing has come a long way!

Would you mind posting the current state of the L67 mods etc....?


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stock L67 3800 SC out of a 2000 buick regal. Xp cam, ported heads, ported LIM, Gen V SC, 2.7 pulley (stock pulley is a 3.8), Northstar TB, headers, 2" ZZP intercooler, E85, stock 4t65 non HD trans, 2500 stall, 60 lb injectors, walbro 255 fuel pump. I think that's about it.




Nice job! Have enjoyed watching the progress along the way too. What are the long terms plans for it?



Nothing really power wise. I'm pretty much maxed out at what I have now without spending a shit ton of money on other junk. May go turbo in a few years if I get bored with it but then the trans will grenade on the first pass so I'll pass on that.




Next big step is to add A/C back to it and eventually cruise and just make it a fun cruising car.

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