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What happened to gearhead rob?


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That guy went out of here with a huge bang. It was legendary.


Can you create a "what happened to 614streets?" thread now? I gotta know... :dumb:





Side not, really glad all I had was a small brake issue and gearheadrob didn't fuck me over looking back at everyones stories.

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I bought a set of cheap wheels from him once, seemed okay at the time. I see him on facebook from time to time, seems he is bouncing around a bunch of different shops for the past couple years, of course he is always the best tech and he always works with idiots. I would delete him, but it is entertaining to see his posts sometimes.
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Didn't he burn a customers car down after taking it out to a car show without the customers permission?


I think you're thinking of me.


I had a turbo mustang in at Rob's shop after I had put it together with a fresh 306 and 76mm turbo. The car was on a base tune to move it around my garage. I wanted a wideband installed, arp oil pump shaft and a few other bits before I dyno. I received some texts and calls from members that my car had appeared at some gatherings doing glorious pulls and burnouts.


When I got the car back I took it to Brady @ PPC for final tuning and had to pull it off the rollers shortly after because it had mysteriously washed a few rings.

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Lol he once fixed my car and i tried paying with a crrdit card and his woman told me no. So i offered to pay in beaver pelts and malt liquor. She went off the fuckin rails lol


She had her eyes on.... a DIFFERENT form of payment. You know what I'm talkin about

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