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Need to decide what to do...


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I can’t decide if I want to put the $$ into my ’02 Bandit 1200, or just sell it.     Although I say I enjoy this bike, I don’t use it much at all.    Looking at the year-to-year mileage, I’m riding it less each year.
2017 = 575 miles
2018 = 433 miles, 
2019 = 473 miles, 
2020 = 288 miles, 
2021 = 162 miles
2022 = 12 miles (so far) 

When travel via 2 wheels is an option, my fat, heavy V-twin cruiser is the ride of choice.   I also have a storage space dilemma now that there’s extra equipment and a 50 year old (albeit ‘tiny’) British car parked in my workshop.  

Not including tires, it’s going to take about $400 to fix the immediate needs (petcock and carbs).   This bike has been down for about 2 months and so far, hasn’t been a priority.   I’m buried with work and other projects and probably won’t have time for another month or two to work on it.
The good:
Despite the 40k+ miles on it, it’s a solid motor and transmission, and when running well, is really quick.    It has a Dale Walker Holeshot Stage 1 jet kit and a 5 degree advancer.
It’s been converted to a solo seat with a custom made, all steel tail section.   It’s got a custom-made muffler (similar to a Supertrapp) along with a spare 4:1 header. It’s also got a custom front fender, headlight and turn signals, and Renthal superbike bars.

The bad:
It needs a new fuel petcock.   It needs another carburetor rebuild (or at least new float valves) and an oil change.   I’ve been messing with velocity stacks (still have, but not using the stock airbox), but still don’t have it dialed in yet.   There’s a small dent and blemish on the fuel tank and the paint on the rear cowl is chipped.    The chain and rear sprocket are still usable, but I’m sure worn enough to warrant replacing.   The tires aren’t bald yet but are old and should be replaced.  

Ok, what would you do?    
Invest (in everything), eventually fix it and keep it?   
Invest (in the minimum), eventually make it run well and sell it for more $ later this summer?  
Or just face reality and sell it now for what I can get for it? 


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