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  1. 7/31/2022 Sunday Temporary/road repair: 676 (Lancaster St.) coming out of Marietta, OH. in-route Watertown is closed at 14174 676. use gravel 126 Turkeyhen rd. to 55 Rauch rd. to detour around.
  2. Get Well Soon, Fall riding season is just around the corner.
  3. Spyder lady and I returned from our Little Switzerland, NC. 13-18th. trip yesterday afternoon. "1623miles total" just missing the rain by minutes. We decided to blast back 429miles via Interstate 77&64 to beat the rain and not do a overnight in-route. Had a great time riding the curves of the NC/TN area with local knowledge routes set up by the "MSTA" org. The Big Lyn Lodge was fan f'in fantastic with great meals and accommodations. MSTA provided a great local classic rock band outside overlooking the mountains on Saturday night that caused me to over consume the wine and beer, but I was still able to dance outside with Spyder lady while wearing flip flop's. We road over to Erwin, TN. area to visit the Unaka Mountain Overlook, that I found when I road the Smokey Mountain 1000 adventure section. So I was able to make it up to the top on the Z1K but Spyder made it 3/4 and waited for me to get the photo. FYI, Erwin, TN. is another good base to do ADV stuff. Great time. The Z1k work well with soft bags strapped on we had no issues.
  4. B-Mac

    Ride Saturday 7-16

    I will be down in NC./TN. riding. Next time, Have fun.
  5. I told you I was interested and was hoping to ride a NEW ROUTE with you. Not the same old "Sweepers are for Sleepers" track day route you love to ride. But Nooooooo, Nothing...... No start time or specific location. WTF I was willing to overnight in Cadiz, Just to "feast on the east" with you and your CBR mit big ass bag. Then maybe have lunch at.......What is it, O yea, Ar-bee's and maybe since you ride a gold wing NOW we will have to take on some tasty Ice at bastard & robins. Go ahead Loan wolf McDurk we stand by at your ready to ride your 6 and make sure you get home. 1.5lbs heavy-er.🤪 Love B-Mac
  6. Cool. Great Day for riding. I did a short lunch loop.
  7. Question in the back, Did this ride happen???
  8. Interested, On Weather Watch.
  9. Speaking of the ground. You will need a set of these. landingear.com
  10. A passenger pylon can is open for interpretation. When she is older tell her is a New Thing.
  11. Congrats. I guess we can call you "Dusty Durk" now. Get busy, Matching blue jean vest with wing ding logo and a stuffed toy bear for the rear top box.
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