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  1. Happy birthday @gen3flygirl I got you a bump to this thread as a gift!
  2. I'm going to be in Atlanta a few times in the next couple months. I won't be flying, as any air travel with the company has to be approved by someone WAY up, and it won't be for my 1 day training sessions that I'll be attending. Fortunately, it's only about 7 hours for me from where I now reside. However, I have had to get tested after going to these things, as someone in the group has ended up testing positive. Ugh.
  3. I thought you were out in the kayak more than the car?
  4. @gen3flygirl we're all about the bumping here...
  5. WTF is up in this beatch??? It loos pretty lame in here. Where are the hookers and blow?
  6. This thread needs a BUMP!
  7. Then don't? All you posted on there before was bicycle bullshit anyway...
  8. A (young) co-worker is on there. I'll have to ask him about it. As far as I can tell, my co-worker isn't a complete squid, only somewhat.
  9. It records in a loop, overwriting the oldest. I bought the "better" version, higher resolution cameras, 4TB hard drive. It has some really nice controls and features in it. More of the stuff I would expect in a "Professional" NVR system. I've had it running for a few months without a hiccup. I wanted the wired system over wifi, for reliability, and to keep wifi traffic at a minimum. One thing I really like is that to use the remote access, you don't setup an account to give anyone any identifying information. You mentioned a keyboard on it, I tried, it didn't work, IIRC. I will usually access it with the web interface, you just have to locate the IP address for it, and type that into your browser. It's a bit more user friendly than the mouse and monitor connected to the unit. It doesn't work in Chrome, so I use Internet Explorer. As for storage space, mine with the higher resolution cameras, only running 2 of them, I have 24/7 recordings since Feb 3, and it's just about to run out of space, and start overwriting. One thing I love about mine: I have one inside, pointing at a door, and monitoring the dining room/kitchen (kids.) I will pull up the cameras on my iPad, the use Google home to broadcast through the Google Mini, and freak the kids out! It's funny to watch! I did some research and the system is based on a Chinese system, but at a better price, with the WD name behind it. If I need to add more cameras, I might just buy a complete second system, because it comes out cheaper than 4 cameras!
  10. I thought I saw you on there last night, Danimal was telling stories about his trip, and I don't think you could get a word in! LOL
  11. That computer has seen too much, from being in your house. LOL
  12. And of course it had to be Uncle Pink...
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