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What did you do to your bike today?


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Ordered a new Shorai LiFe battery for the Bandit.  Old Lithium battery will go in the GS500 scrambler project.


And I ordered a Tank Top Propane Heater so I can keep working in the garage this winter.  It'll get here just in time for 50 deg temps this weekend!


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I finally got a start on the GS500 project.  The new garage heater was great - I had to turn it to low to keep from getting too hot and to save propane.

The previous owner said he was no electrician but I've never seen wiring this bad!  No device brackets were attached, just hanging from the wire that was tied into a ball with a dozen zipties!  Pictures are after clipping all the zipties.

The new Shorai for the Bandit came today so now I'm free to repurpose the 3yo Battery Tender brand LiFe battery into the GS.  I plan to make a shallow box under the seat for the battery and wiring to hide in.

I discovered that my Shorai battery came with an amazingly cool feature.  They glued a cube of foam rubber to the back of the square terminal nuts to hold the nut next to the hole in the terminal while you're trying to thread the bolt in.  F'ING GENUIS!

2023-01-07 13.40.25.jpg

2023-01-07 13.40.03.jpg

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1 hour ago, Tonik said:


Come on over, and you can work on my Goldwing. You will appreciate the Spyder at that point.

I feel your pain. I have seen the panel removal description for the new Wings. Seems to me the computer design/manufacturing and robot assembly is going to be our END.

I miss Soichiro Honda. RIP

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